Wow! No way that it’s the tenth week! For this week, I will be doing an audit on my blog!

How many posts did you write?
I honestly can’t believe this, but I have posted nineteen posts!

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
Every single one of my posts was either assigned by my teacher or by a challenge!

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
I have received 56 comments overall from classmates, teachers, and oversea students.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
The post “My Favorite Family Moment” received the most likes of eleven. I think that this post got this high because it had so much information. In this post, I told about my summer trip. It was so spectacular to be at, that I was able to write down everything. Because of this, I think readers found it nice to read and comment about.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
I enjoyed writing the post “One Night” the most. This post was a real story that I changed the names of the characters. This was extremely fun to do, because it was the only post that I didn’t have to write about myself. Many people asked me if this was a true story, and I was proud to explain that it was.

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

The only time I changed my blog theme was for the Halloween challenge. I was assigned to decorate my blog, so I changed it to be as spooky as I could.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
I have fourteen widgets. Sometimes I think that there are too many placed on my blog, but when I look bad and see their uses, I know there is just enough.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

I have three overseas students on my blogroll.

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?
I used images on google, and “Avatar Maker” to make my avatar.

My friend Mai from my scouts looked through my blog, and wrote down her thoughts about it below. I truly do appreciate her being honest and doing this for me.

What were your first impressions of this blog?

When I first saw this blog, I knew it perfectly represented Shay. The colors and the Starbucks logo at the top proved that it was hers.

What captured your attention?

The Starbucks definitely captured my attention!

What distracted you on the blog?

All the widgets distracted me on the blog. I was so interested in them that I wanted to see what they all did. Because of this, I forgot to start reading her posts.

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Overall, I love this blog although I do have one suggestion. I think Shay should take out some of her widgets because they were an extreme distraction to me. Other than that it was perfect! Good job!

Links for Tree Post

It wouldn’t let me add photos or links to my previous post, so I put them here if you’re interested!

I beautiful photos of trees on the website:






Trees Are For You!

Woah! That tree was so old! Why would they cut it down? Many old trees get cut done because they are no longer able to stay up. No wants to take a risk of a huge, old tree falling on them because it wasn’t sturdy. But now what? What happens now that the tree is cut? What do they do with it? How can you tell the history of this tree?

In order to tell a trees history and age, one just has to look at it. After a tree is cut down, use the study of dendrochronology to tell its’ age. There are two strategies to dendrochronology. The first being to look at the rings of the tree after it is cut down. Count them. Each ring represents one year. The second strategy would be to use an increment borer and count the rings on a trunk cross section. I know what you’re thinking. How do I find the history of a tree? Well, that you must look up, ask an elder, or imply on you own. You can’t really know a history of a tree unless you were there to see it.

After cutting down a tree, they are sent to a paper factory. There they get sanded and cut very thin. Afterwards, they are shipped to consumers everywhere. From Home Depot to the Diamond Shamrock, trees paper gets put for our use. Almost every tree that is cut down, is being taken for human used. Paper, cardboard, pencils, and more, are all made from tree trunks. If it wasn’t for trees, humans wouldn’t breathe the air they breathe now. More than seventy percent of our oxygen is produced from algae and other ocean plants, but if it wasn’t for trees, the air would be rather thin, and hard to breathe from. Without trees, no human would be able to last more than a minute. Over six billion trees are cut down every year around our world. Although it is hard to imagine a world without trees, many people have been trying to come up with a solution to decrease our chances of running out of them.



Commenting About Food

I asked the people below about the foods in their country:

Dylan from New Zealand

Chloe from Canada

Moses from the Philippines

Matthew from Australia

Daisy from China

Can’t wait to hear your responses!

What You Eat Most

After asking some of you what foods you liked most, I came with the conclusion that most of my readers enjoy pizza. What do you guys like on your pizza? Lets find out what toppings are most popular!

American Food

America is one of the many countries that provides foods from all around the world. Although most of the food is not originated by us, we do have a very popular item that has spread all over the world. This food does happen to be a burger. Burgers are a piece of meat in between two pieces of bread. In addition to the meat, eaters can add any other food such as lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, or onions to the burger. In the end, this meal is very satisfying, and has become a favorite to many people here in the United States.


 I found this picture on the website


One Night

As the police sirens rang in the distance, Alex looked out the window trying to understand what had just happened that night. She remembered the joy and laughter that had gone on towards the start of the evening. Then, within seconds, she’d been rushed inside by her mother. She was afraid to ask her father for the whole story, for he had been the one who was helping explain what he had saw with the robbers. She wasn’t sure if she should tell anyone she’d seen him before the attack, feeling guilty that she didn’t tell anyone sooner. So,  Alex kept quiet sitting in the car, knowing that no matter how hard she may try, she will never get this day out of her head.

About an hour before Alex had been rushed to the car, her family had arrived at the Vancouver’s house, where they were celebrating Thanksgiving. After enjoying the feast of a lifetime, all the families and friends went outside in beautiful backyard. It was decorated with gorgeous flowers and Thanksgiving decorations. When everyone finished enjoying the stunning backyard, they all went out to do their own activities. As the kids played, the adults talked among one another. As darkness rose over the sky, the kids began to come up with more adventurous games that fit their situation.

Carly Vancouver, Alex’s best friend and the daughter of the owner of the house, came up with the brilliant idea to play hide and seek. Alex  knew it would be no fun for two nine year-olds to play alone, so she invited her older brother, David, to tag along. As Carly counted to thirty, David and Alex split up, finding good places to hide.

“Ready-or-not, here I come!”Carly announced, going out to try to find the two siblings.

While David was hiding under a table outside, Alex decided to go hide in the bushes. That’s when she saw him.

“Shhhh,” hushed a young man, holding his finger to his mouth.

Within seconds, he disappeared. About a minute later, Carly called for Alex and David to come out because she’d given up. Believing she had imagined the whole thing, Alex didn’t mention the man, but, as the kids continued to play, Alex couldn’t stop thinking about how her daydream had felt. It seemed so real that she couldn’t believe she had imagined it all.

Then, the yelling started. Alex heard Carly’s dad scream first, then her dad, and then everyone else. All the guests were running into the house, trying to seek protection. People were yelling and mumbling, that it was so hard to understand why they had all been doing so. Alex, David, and Carly were just going with what everyone else was doing, and they ran inside as quickly as possible. Within minutes, they heard the sirens, and then Alex’s mom grabbed David and her and dragged them to the car. Quickly after, Alex’s father came in and they drove away.

That’s when they got here. Before Alex was about to ask, Mom spoke up.

“There were two bad people who tried to enter the house. Lucky for us, Carly’s dad caught him just in time. You two don’t need to worry about anyone, because everyone is safe. The police arrested the men and they are going to jail soon.”

No one spoke after that. Alex had known she’d seen one of the men before he attacked. She didn’t tell anyone though, because she had decided that overall that it was enough trouble for one night.

Celebrating Halloween

Every year, the one holiday I always look forward to is Halloween. I love the idea that one day a year, everyone comes together and does one holiday. Halloween is one of the only holidays that every religion in the U.S. celebrates. You can dress up as anything or anyone you may like and walk around from house to house asking for FREE candy. At the end of the night, I have a whole sack full of candy of different sizes and shapes. Then, for the rest of November, I eat handfuls of candy bars each day.

My Favorite Family Moment

This summer, I went on a big trip with my family. We first started by going from California all the way to Rome. Once we finally got to Rome, my family and I stayed there for a week and then, the real part began. From Rome, we took a cruise in Europe. This was one of the best family experiences I think I will ever have. We stopped at so many places like Barcelona, Palma de Nayoca, Pisa, Napoli, Capri, and Malloria. From each place we stopped, my dad bought me a key chain. Now, I have a whole collection of all the key chains, to remind me of this perfect trip.

Not only did we get to travel at these amazing places, but we got to enjoy the life on the ship. The boats name was MSC. It was such a beautiful, big ship with water slides, game rooms, shows, kids clubs, teen clubs, bingo nights, movie theaters, libraries, screen rides, and so much more. Just remembering this amazing trip reminds me of how it brought my family and I so much closer.

Photo on 10-25-15 at 3.25 PM #2

My Native Language

תמונה זו מייצגת את מה שאני מרגיש על השפה האם שלי. אני לא מתבייש שאני עולה אמריקאי. אני לא אשקר ומתיימר להיות משהו שאני לא. אני יהודי ואני גאה בזה, שלא הרבה אנשים לקבל את החיים שיש לי. אני אסיר תודה למשפחה שלי וחברים, הבית שלי, את האוכל על הצלחת שלי, והרבה מעבר לכך. אני אגיד את האמת כשזה מגיע למי שאני, כי אני לא מתבייש בעצמי, ואף אחד לא צריך להיות אי פעם. לאמץ מי אתה, ויידע את העולם. לכל אחד יש פגמים. אף אחד לא מושלם. זה בסדר. אתה לא צריך להיות מושלם. אתה צריך לומר את האמת של מי שאתם.


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